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A 'Stoner Corner' is a place where people chill. It is generally near a staircase. No stoners must be present for a corner to be a Stoner Corner, but everyone in the corner must either be very quiet or very loud, and constantly discuss music.
"Hey! Lets go talk about the Grateful Dead over in the Stoner Corner!"
by Dewfiend December 03, 2007
A dewfiend is someone hopelessly addicted to Mountain Dew. These people are easily recognizable by their often unkempt hair and sloppy clothes, dark circles under their eyes, and the ever handy can of Dew in their sweaty hands.
"Dude, Jim is such a dewfiend. He drank three liters of the stuff yesterday!"
"I sure feel sorry for his future kids..."
by Dewfiend December 03, 2007

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