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R&B songs or slow rap songs about sex, etc. Many of Usher's songs fall into this category.
I like to spend my time making funnel cakes and listening to boner jams.
by Detr May 16, 2013
A bad chest cold accompanied by the hacking up of pale, thick mucous that resembles cookie dough.
I think something is going around at work. I came down with a sore throat and a cookie dough cough.
by Detr May 16, 2013
When a man is having sex with two or more women and pulls directly out of one and penetrates the other without rinsing his penis or condom. Seen in many porn flicks.
Wow! That orgy scene had massive amounts of cross cuntamination going on! I bet everyone's genitals rotted out after filming!
by Detr August 07, 2013
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