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It denotes a tough minded Jew.
That yehudi is a true ruffian. He must have served with Netanyahu in one of those cleansing operations!
by destouches December 05, 2004
A cover name for the talk show tv host named Oprah.
Hey, you watch 'em Aunt Jemima showz?
Nah, too daft...
by destouches January 10, 2005
A wistful looking man who throughout his life had to butter up to the Jewboys in charge of his network.
His coat of arms should read:
"I'd rather not"
Dan is a pitiful Joosmedia ho.
by destouches December 20, 2004
Slovene slang word for a lay. From the verb "fukati" (to fuck).
Mojca is a greatest fuk ever! My cock gets wet every time I think about her!
by destouches December 19, 2004
A strange and dubious set of beliefs designed to destroy Gentile and Indo-European populations by making them weak and feeble while preserving one's (Judaic) race more or less intact.
Christianity is the great Trojan horse of rabbis and Talmudists! 2000 years of incredible damage to Gentiles through the wide-spread effects of self-hatred, emasculation, general enfeeblement and such.
by destouches January 02, 2005
The futuristic city and an example of negative utopia in which people eventually end up back in prehistoric times. Oddly enough worshipped as an "urbanistic" ideal by the Jewsih Liberal elite as much as the so-called White trailer trash (see Eminem
yo mamma so fat and stupid -shezz from d'troit or sumethin?
by Destouches February 17, 2005
A vaguely disseminated anti-Irish urban legend bearing no verifiable proofs in reality. IT was probably confused by the fact that all healthy women with a sense of humor will inevitably fall madly in love with any Irish man, especialy it they are Orangemen.
The Irish curse is a lie -for fok's sake look at this sausage!
Wow, you are right! Plus you fucked me better than any other man of any other nationatity or racial affiliation!
by destouches January 03, 2005

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