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An orgasm. Term used by Sociologist Laud Humphreys in The Tearoom Trade. Read it...NOW!!
"Why are you still dating that bitch?"

"I'm in it for the payoff."
by DesPERRYado July 25, 2005
Something so good that it could rival an orgasm.
Jr Cheese Deluxes are load blowingly good.
by DesPERRYado February 13, 2005
A figure of speech used when making a hypothetical argument or example.
"Well, I could say, 'God doesn't exist because of X, Y and Z.'"
by desperryado September 15, 2005
Used by Maine residents as a term which designates the quitting or termination of their job.
Johnny: "Don't you still work at Johnny's?"

Bill: "Nah, I'm getting done."
by DesPERRYado May 20, 2005
When good video games are released too quickly and you don't have time to finish the video game you're currently playing before you get the new one.
I was playing Baten Kaitos but then MGS3, Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories came out and before I could finish those two, Growlanser Generations was released. Before I could get through Growlanser, the Wind Waker was re-released as a greatist hit.
by DesPERRYado January 28, 2005
Wraslin' move created by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Short for 'Damien's Dinner Time.'

2)A harmful crop chemical.
1) 'No one gets up from Jake's DDT."

1) 'Rex ate some crops that were treated with DDT, he's dead.'
by DesPERRYado April 11, 2005
A popular beverage company which produces numerous types of soda (pop) beverages and even bottled water and energy drinks.

Rumored that the main beverage of this company was produced with cocaine in it. Also rumored that coca-cola invented Santa Claus.

Recent evidence suggest that coca-cola employes laborers in third-world countries at bottling companies which pay excess of one US dollar per hour of labor.

AKA: the new Nike
Coca-cola is a bad company.
by desPERRYado May 18, 2005

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