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Adj. Meaning someone with incredible prowess in the realm of being a trickster. An example of a trickery creature is a catlizard, or an extremely stealthy human. Can be confused with the noun Trickery.
"That guy is so trickery , look at the way he stealths around like a catlizard!"
by Derval June 14, 2008
A person who enjoys lounging in the sun. Loves to lay around at the park with their other catlizard buddies. Are often very trickery
Look at that derval over there. She lounges in the sun like a trickery catlizard.
by Derval June 13, 2008
A cool catlizard who parties hardy with only the sexiest of other catlizards. Can be found lounging in the sun, hanging at the park, or going through a portal to bloor street.
Look at that trickery catlizard over there. She's such a Derval.
by Derval June 13, 2008

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