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Glenn is the most popular and bad ass man on the Fresno Pacific University campus. Every girl in the world hella wants his dick. He can be seen wearing a red shirt and contagious smile. On occasion, he wears a camo sweatshirt and stupid sunglasses with moccasins. Somewhat of a country hipster, Glenn is a two meter specialist who is a giant teddy bear out of the pool and a titan in the pool. Glenn can often be on a high horse sometimes, even though an extreme racist and sexist.
While wearing a big red shirt, Glenn Lyon saw a girl smile at him, and then proceeded to say she wants me.

Glenn Lyon is a respectable man to women, and minorities. -Said no one ever

Glenn Lyon has a big dick -Said no girl ever

Does this napkin smell like chloroform to you? Just kidding i'm Glenn Lyon
by DerpaDerp November 08, 2012

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