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N. Form of speech. Special vocabulary with characteristics of the future. It originates from New York City. Its also used as an adjective when people describe their particular swagger. They can say thats my "futuristic lingo" or I have "futuristic lingo". Any future slang is futuristic lingo.
"Swag is dead, I got that Futuristic Lingo."
by Dermot Sutherland June 17, 2011
N. Where futuristic lingo originates. The males are lingolians and the females are lingets.
I am a lingolian from lingolia.
by Dermot Sutherland June 17, 2011
N. A male that has futuristic lingo. A male from Lingolia.
I'm the opposite of a linget, I'm a lingolian.
by Dermot Sutherland June 17, 2011

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