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When the 1st l33t sp34k hit the scene in the very early 80's it didn't use all the annoying ?|}{)\ and crap they put as subs for letters today. It just occasionally subbed some numbers for letters so that normal searches and bots, ect. would not pick up the pattern. It has been changed into something entirely stupid and unreadable by wannabe, lazy kids today. Same with lol and rotflmao and such. Been around since 300 baud n00bs.....
If j00 w3r3 r34lly l33t j00d kn0w it n00b.

This sentence would have been a bit overkill even then for leet speak. Most would have written it like:

If you w4s l33t u'd kn0w noob.....
by Derius December 05, 2006

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