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confidence, and skill, especially in difficult, or challenging, circumstances.
BackRound - comes from a CS player, names k4rd
That kid is enoc.
by Deric May 04, 2004
Someone who can't help but attract freaks.
Judy: I'm a freak magnet.
Deric: I know.
by Deric July 14, 2004
Dumb ass transporter running her words together. Typical ebonics.

What floor is the PBX on?
Dis pager bloke, whatflo PBEXXON?
by Deric August 02, 2004
A word that combine FOR and WHAT and mixes in a little Dyslexia.
Deric: I need a contact name.
Glam Tam: Fortwa?
by Deric July 14, 2004
NinjaDropKick: noun: Ninjah-Drohp-Kihk
1) the best counter-strike player ever
2) drc's lover
wow did you see NinjaDropKicks movie it was the pooonage!
by Deric December 04, 2004
An old wrinkled up person.
Freakin raisin cut me off!
by Deric July 14, 2004
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