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When your iPhone is in your front pocket and it rings or buzzes loudly so people around you look at your crotch.

Sticking your iPod in the front of your pants to hold while you are reaching for something.

Sticking any Apple device on or near your crotch area to hold while doing something else. Those things are expensive and you need a safe place to hold your electronics! What's more safer than your crotch? Maybe inside, but that's just gross and sticky!
"Hey, your iCrotch is ringing - aren't you going to answer it?"

"Call me again!!! I need to get my iCrotch buzz!"
by DerekJay February 03, 2010
1. To be awesome!
2. Amazingly great and can "Wow" a crowd.
3. Never seen before feats of strength or courage.
4. The best scene ever.

adverb, adjective: to describe a situation or form of action.
"Dude that bike jump off that 30' tower into the pool was totally odublious!"
by DerekJay February 03, 2010
To be surrpounded by spastic and erratic people. Nowhere to run to and you can't get out of a bad situation! When everyone around you is freaking out for no real reason, and there are so many people, you are fricken stuck!

1. To be stuck and surrounded by spastic people
2. Nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide
3. Having a BBW sitting on your face and you can't breathe for 3 minutes.. you become "spasticopolous"
I was at a parade... they were throwing beads, drinking bear... then all of a sudden people went spasticopolous when the cops showed up!
by DerekJay February 03, 2010
1. To be proactively involved with a situation or scene.
2. The first-person definition of calling oneself a planner and deep thinker.
3. To get the job done right the first time
4. Thinking outside the box
"Getting my book report done a week ahead of time was very proactical"

"I am a very proactical thinker and planner"
by DerekJay February 03, 2010

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