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2 definitions by DerAffenkoenig

번대기 (Buhn-dae-gi) are roasted silkworm pupae sold on the streets of Korea ^^
A: Do you want some bundaegi?
B: Naw man that stuff is for little kids and Koreans that try to gross out foreigners...
A: But they don't taste all that bad...
B: Yeah, I don't mind them, but I just don't want any...
by DerAffenkoenig September 24, 2010
Dunce For Life --> A title given anyone that makes so many repetitive mistakes that they should just give up on life, sit in the corner, and wear the hat.
1: so how about that chick last night?
2: total dfl, but i had her yelling omg all night!!
by DerAffenkoenig March 11, 2010