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The female version of dominican. What most men end up having intercourse with in the Dominican Republic. The true tourist attraction there. Most Dominican women are lighter and lighter in skin color each generation due to their American, British, German fathers.
Male tourist: (playing in the casino) "let me play some blackjack"

Dominicana: "Hola papi?" "Estas acompanado?"
(translation: Hey papi, are you here alone?"

2 hours later.. lots of intercourse
9 months later.. half white domincan baby
by Depoinga February 21, 2008
A Dominican is a Haitian that can speak Spanish.
Haitians and Dominicans both live in the same country (which is basically a small island divided by an imaginary line) and share the same landscape and resources. Yet, they both pretend to be different.
by Depoinga February 21, 2008
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