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a: Woman married to someone in the military that reports pictures, pages and posts that Soldiers/ Marines/ Airmen/ Seamen(Sailor) put on a social networking site to entertain themselves while deployed.


a : Woman married to someone in the military that is overly passionate about things others write or say and obsesses over proving their point to the point where they look stupid.

b : Woman married to someone in the military associated with copious amounts of drama, signs include talking about a specific person behind their back after they've been trusted, singling out another woman to get "even", and calling whore, slut, ho whenever they get a chance.

c : A product of marrying someone in the military and confuses this with being IN the military

See Verb: OSMW-ing


a: The process of becoming OVERLY passionate about a topic or subject related to the military or a military member, to the point of insane emotional outbursts.
An OSMW - Overly Sensitive Military Wife is someone who:

A) Sits at home and pops out babies while never getting a job. Resulting in = dependopotomousness.

B) Rocks her husbands dog tags... daily.

C) Rocks a Brag Bag ... daily.

D) A Twinkie eater.
by Dependotot February 01, 2012

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