5 definitions by Dennis Schaeffer

when two gay dudes have text message sex.
jon lee and dennis were on vacations with their parents, so they were forced to resort to 'butt sexting'
by dennis schaeffer June 30, 2010
When you cut off your pubic hair and apply it to someones face.
"whoa dude, jon lee passed out, lets give him a Jew Beard"
by dennis schaeffer May 11, 2010
when you reach into your mane (pubic hair) and grab a handful, and throw them in someones face.
my mom just wouldn't shut up. i felt obligated to pube strike.
by Dennis Schaeffer August 03, 2010
When you poop in a bucket, then put the bucket on someones head.
"whoa dude, jon lee passed out, lets give him a rusty bucket."
by dennis schaeffer May 08, 2010
when you collect your semen in your hand and covertly wipe it on someones back... in public.
While Jon Lee was finishing his burger at McDonalds, we went to the bathroom, came back, and double silverbacked him!
by Dennis Schaeffer July 19, 2010

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