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Being all real and not about tha fake stuff.
Wearing your real hair, nails, and breast is keeping it authentic.
by Denisha April 30, 2006
The way to describe the style of how a female gives head.
"Aw man! Her head game is tight!"
by Denisha April 30, 2006
Saying that you do or will do something that you won't or don't do.
When a guy tells you he can put in down in bed and never comes through, he's pump faking!!
by Denisha April 30, 2006
When you settle for a lesser punishment to get out of something, usually if you snitch, or back down.
If you tell someone you are going to beat them down and they say, "I ain't even tryin to fight you man.", they are taking the cop.
by Denisha April 30, 2006
the way you fight, describing if you can fight at all.
If your known for beating people down in the hood, you got that good hand game.
by Denisha April 30, 2006

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