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Also known as CeLe. Kejal is owner of Clan aC and Clan aR on Blizzard's Battle.net Servers. He's been on Battle.net for quite some time and has destroyed a large amount of clans as well as built himself a reputation. He owns many websites and operates them with the help of his company, The Advancement Networks.
Kejal just destroyed your clan last night.
by Denial November 13, 2004
Once humans but taken down by blizzard he is dead now
Zie the mighty Warrior has fallen
by Denial October 04, 2003
CeLe - Owner of the Advanced Crypts, The Advanced Regiment, and a multi-website company. He has been on Blizzards Battle.net Servers for quite some time and continues to dominate them.
CeLe just messed up your channel... what to do now?
by Denial November 13, 2004
A stupid kid from the world of battle.net
Pixel is a moron who is owned by denial
by Denial October 05, 2003
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