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Someone that dislikes life, or has the tendancies to cut them selves; see emo.
"Life Haters" are commonly found at: The Local Skate Park, Hanging In Main Street, Piercing Shops. ETC
To check if someone is a Life Hater, look for cuts on their wrist, if the cut is parallel to the arm they are a "Life Hater". If the cut id going along their wrist, they are just try hard attention seekers.
Johnny: "Woah, check out that guys facial piercings"
Den: "You see the cuts on his arm aswell"
Matt "Man he hates life"
Johnny, Den (Simioultainsly) "TRUU, What a "Life Hater"
by DenV May 14, 2007
"Japanfour" an invisible something on the ground, that kind of has the meaning that your stepping in something bad. Or that theres something bad on the ground infront of someone.
"OMG right there, JAPANFOUR! Dont step on it"
"You see that japanfour right there, oi, oi you japanfour, you see the japanfour"
by DenV May 14, 2007
To jerk off into a condom.
Generally for people that have a lot of money.
Woah, hes rich.. obviously does the Rich Mans Wank
by DenV May 14, 2007

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