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A psychological condition which causes paranoia centered around persons with increased sexual desire. See also hornophobic, hornophobe
"Why did leila freak out when that couple started making out?" "She appears to be suffering from hornophobia"
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
One who suffers from Hornophobia. See also Hornophobia, Hornophobic
"What's up with Leila?"
"Oh, she's just a hornophobe"
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
A gamer who uses the rules of the game to be the best at winning, sacrificing the enjoyment of play and any possible role-playing. See also Ben
Damn, that Ben is such a power gamer
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
Suffering from the psychological condition of Hornophobia. See also Hornophobia, Hornophobe
"Wow, that hornophobic Leila is a total prude"
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
To think logically; to use reasoning, usually in a desperate situation.
"Shit! There's a dinasaur after us!"

"Holy crap! Ok, we gotta logicalize... Dinasaurs can only see movement, right?"


"Ok, I've got an idea!"

"What is it?"

"You run that way, I'll stay here, completely motionless!"
by Demoteus May 08, 2006
The insect-like alien race from the Ender's Game series.
"The whole human race, Bean, that's what this test is about. Because the Formics-" "The Buggers," said Bean. Like most street urchins, he sneered at euphemism.
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
A gamer who spends his time trying to win at trading card games, as well as attempting to be a gamer without being a geek.
Those fucking cardfloppers at neutral ground kicked us out.
by Demoteus September 09, 2005
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