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(Also see HasselAss) A bonde, republican girl who co-hosts "the view." She also has a brain the size of a peanut. She also get's her facts wrong., and should be fired from "the view".
Person A: God I really hate that girl Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Her facts aren't even right!

Person B: Yeah, she even says Obama is a terrorist. What an idiot
by Democrats4ever July 01, 2009
1. Used to describe a person who acts like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Traits to describe are usually a blonde, woman, who supports the Republican administration, usually rich, and stupid, loud, thinks everyone who dosen't agree with her is a facist, and is unliked by the majority of people.

2. Also see bitch

Person A:*flips her bleach blonde hair while pulling out $100 bills "I support the war in Iraq! They're the ones that destroyed the world trade centre!!"
Person B: "Your such a HasselAss!!"
by Democrats4ever July 01, 2009

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