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1. Someone who excessively uses the words, Fag,Gay,Queer,Homosexual etc. and is probably Homosexual himself
2. A very noticable (flamboyant) Homosexual
1. Phil - "Ryan is such a queer.. hes such a fag I mean god hes like so gay.."
Demko - "Phil stfu your a fucking fagaholic.. we all know your the gay one"

2. Wow that guy looks like a real fagaholic
by Demko November 11, 2005
1. A person with a girlfriend (usually for more then 6 months) who refuses to have or has not had sexuall relations with her
2. One who has a girlfriend and shows characteristics of a homosexual
3. A male friend or relative who likes women but does not try to get laid (most of them own alot of pornographic materials)
4. A Diss or burn mostly found in video games.. Especially "Halo 2"
5. A Bisexual Male
6. A Lesbian
7. an "Emo"
1. Ryan goddamn man you still havent gotten any from your girlfriend? you such a pussy loving faggot
2. I think Ryan is a little confused.. Yeah hes a real pussy loving faggot
3. man Ryan why dont you ever try to get laid.. your a real pussy loving faggot
4. You noob, god your such a f'n noob I own you pussy loving faggots
5. Self Explanitory
6. Self Explanitory
7. Look at "Emo"
by Demko November 11, 2005
A video game term often used in "clan matches" to describe being untouchable, unbeatable, or extreme owning skills
(most common in Halo 2)
Chonce - You guys suck I own you guys
Lobsterkiller - Yeah right bitch you cant touch this I'm Crazy Gangsta
Rooster 666 - Yeah biotch we Crazy Gangsta dont even try to mess with us.. we own your ass..
by Demko November 11, 2005
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