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Proof that justice and money are synonymous in this capitalistic society.
Man, I can't kill her, I ain't got O.J. money, I got Scott Peterson money- do it yourself!
by Demetric June 27, 2005
1)To shot 37% or less from the field.
2)To ignore the concept of team basketball for personal glory while saying goodbye to solid players like Larry Hughes, Toni Kukoc and Mutumbo because they dont "fit in" with your style.
3)To watch the coach that didn't get it win a championshp the year after he left you.
4)"We talkin' bout practice... not a game, not the game... practice- we talkin' bout practice!"
Hey man, I see your girls coming up to watch you play, you betta pull an Iverson so she can see you get some shots up.
by Demetric June 27, 2005
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