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To whip one’s phallus across the face of another so as to leave a red stamp of their Jimi on the aforementioned face for a choice of comical reasons, proximity, or, most common, to put the bitch in her place.
A minute after I finished fucking her, and three minutes after I started, I turned over and said, "What the fuck are you still doing here." She thought I was joking so I took my wet cock and swiveled my hips and jimi whipped the bitch, leaving my fat, twelve inch approval to get the fuck out of my house on her face.
by Demetri February 19, 2004
1. Someone with an ass so consumingly large that it couldn't possibly fit in a Microwave... HUGE.

2. A BAM
Microwave Butt is fuckin' Crazy. I'd better go hide now... GAWN!
by Demetri January 26, 2005
1. A Big Ass Meenu
also: Big Ass Manmeet

2. An indian girl with a Huge penis and a Microwave Butt

3. Black Asian Mexican

4. Bitchy anal mofo

5. Beautiful Alluring Meenu
{Extremely Rare}
BAM tried to make me give her head. It was so horrible. I can't even talk...*
by Demetri January 26, 2005
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