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Same or similar to a Testicle Festival or Sausage Party except the part is made up of primarily women and few or no men.
I went to a kegger last weekend, it was a total Vag Party.
by Delly Del November 07, 2005
Gonorrhea, Syphilis & Chlamydia
"The Combo Action"
I heard she slept with him and got Gonosyphimydia!!
by Delly Del November 07, 2005
The worst cell phone ever made.
People are attracted to this phone because it's "fancy." It has speaker phone, voice dialing and a deacent camera.
However, it is overpriced, to say the least. Features include: horrible reception, frequent dropped calls, and poor audio quality. Also, it has to be shut off every few days or it will "lock up" and the battery will have to be removed.
I have replaced my Motorola v300 three times this year.
by Delly Del October 26, 2005

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