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3 definitions by Delino Deshields

Another way of saying Grand Beach
Dude 1: Man, this is boring what do you want to do today?
Dude 2: Wanna haul ass down to the Grand Beezee?
Dude 1: Foh-sheezee!
by Delino DeShields June 19, 2005
Another word for a dog penis
Guy A: Jeeze, Julie is such a slut.
Guy B: Yah, she'd even polish the red stick!
by Delino Deshields May 23, 2005
A street based dance characterized by fast and angry movements.
Dude #1:You ever heard of krunk dancing?
Dude #2:Yah, I just saw it in that new LaChapelle movie, Rize.
by Delino DeShields June 21, 2005