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An emcee best known for his symbolic raps, so much to the point that you might have to listen to his songs multiple times to understand his meaning. His CD's include "Labor Days", "Bazooka Tooth", "Float", and "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, & Knives."

His topics cover such a wide range he's impossible to classify within rap itself; rather, he encompasses all stretches of hip-hop (save the crappy mainstream stuff, which shows the soul and poetic ability of a mentally challenged sea horse).
"I have yet to find a day in life worthy of my saluting"
- Winners Take All, Aesop Rock
by Dekh December 29, 2005
Originally coined by Chris Rock, a whore uniform is clothing that makes a man assume that the woman he is looking at is a prostitute, or at least a hoochie. It usually consists of and and/or all of the following (all clothing items prefixed with the word "tight"):

High heels
Very short skirt
Fishnet stockings
Tube top and/or tankini
Leather jacket
Excess of makeup
Overdone hair

If a woman has any of these characteristics she is not allowed by urban law to cause physical or verbal harm to a man that approaches her under the assumption that she is a prostitute.
The girl on the corner is wearing a whore uniform. Unfortunately, you can't judge a hooker - er, book - by it's cover.
by DeKh November 06, 2005

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