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n. 1. Someone who finds it seemingly impossible to play guitar.
2. Someone who is horrible at playing guitar.
3. A retard who can play the guitar
Conner is such a guitard
Stop playing! Your a guitard!
This guitard is AWESOME.
by Defiant Blob February 10, 2010
n. A noun used usualy to refer to a crush that you seemingly can't get out of your mind, that is wonderful, but you either can't work up the courage to ask her out or you know you'll never have her. You'll often refer to 'her' in your Facebook status (see example). You probably spend your day dreaming about her as well. It could also be the name of an understood person that only your closest friends would know who you are talking about.
Facebook status: I just cant stop thinking about her.
I think I am in love with her.

Alternate use:
Hanging out with her at the movies.
by Defiant Blob February 07, 2010
emote. An emoticon used to express contentness, slight happiness, or joy. The colons are to to represent the eyes and the open parenthese represents the mouth of a smiling face. A more ecstatic joy can be shown by using the emoticon :D, created using a colon and a capital 'D'. The emotes are often transformed into actual faces while in a chat. See chat instructions and/or guides for further information.
Today is a great day :)
That party was great :)
Hanging out with the best person in the world. :)
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
Note: This is not racist. I AM Asian.

n. The theory how Asians have wider and thinner eyes, thus limiting their vision, but widening it at the same time. It has been suggested normal eyes can see more than Asians, and this is still under study at the current time.

I can't see it because I have Asian Vision!
I can watch stuff in wide screen because of my Asian Vision!
by Defiant Blob February 10, 2010
n. 1. A social networking site, originally desgined for college students, but has stretched out to anyone 14+ years old. This has been suggested as a safer, more fun enviroment for people to keep in touch.
2. The reason my homework is never done.
3. A book of face.
v. To interact with FaceBook in any way.This includes, but is not limited to, chatting, setting your status, checking the newsfeed, stalking, and/or logging in.
1. I keep in touch with old class mates through Facebook.
2. I forgot to do my homeworl because I was on Facebook!
3. Yoda would say a book of face instead of Facebook.
4. Dude, that guy loves to Facebook!
by Defiant Blob February 08, 2010
n. An oil drill
Texas oil drills can also be called 'derricks'.
The derrick is owned by the oil company.
by Defiant Blob February 06, 2010

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