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The Arabic word for the name Peter. It is a very common egyptian name and defines someone who is very proud of their heritage. A Butrus usually defines everything in relation to what happens in Egypt.
"This is not how we play Tarneeb in Egypt" Butrus said.

Hey Butrus, I don't caaaaaaaaaaaaare about what happens in Egypt!!!
by Defender of Mankind October 30, 2011
|äˈlē.tros| An Arabic word to signify two butts in one underwear. Usually reserved for two very close (+/- Gay) guys hanging out together a little too much. It originates from the combination of the names Ali and Butrus.
Hey Alitrus, what are you two up to today?
Have anyone seen Alitrus? They went out for a kayte
Are you officially an Alitrus?
by Defender of Mankind June 03, 2013

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