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Any larger varieties of dual-cab pickup trucks, SUVs or RVs that are filled to capacity with Senior Citizens (age 55+). Mobile Coffins are generally hazardous to the public as they are usually unaware of their vehicle's speed (driving well below the speed limit), waning attention to detail (driving through a red light or stopping at a green light), and poor judgment of distance vs time (pulling out in front of you). Mobile Coffins may also cause more casualties than who is currently occupying the vehicle. This is mostly due to the age of the driver who is currently manning the helm.
Did you see that Mobile Coffin blow through that red light? Yeah, he almost clipped that guys rear end.

Boss: "Why weren't you at work yesterday?"
Employee: "Are you kidding me? I was stuck behind something like 5 Mobile Coffins...there was no way I was getting here."
by DefMasterG March 01, 2010
One who uses the paper bag from a 40 oz. alcoholic beverage, after consumption, for socks. Generally utilized by the poor or homeless. Two 40 oz. alcoholic beverages or one 40 oz. alcoholic beverage "double bagged" is preferred. Quickly replaced if worn through or destroyed by a purchase at your local convenience store.
"These 40 socks keep me warm in the winter and they dry quick."
by DefMasterG January 23, 2010

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