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To chill and hang out at the same time.

Also a form of greeting to someone you associate with who has already chupped with you.

The art of the chup would be know as chuppin
Yo B wanna chup tonight?
yeah ill meet you at the spot son,,,,

(walking down the street, seeing someone you know nod your head and say "chup!"

response "chup"
by Deeznuts May 30, 2007
Anything and everything can be fierce whether its positive or negative.

Its also a poker game

Its the 2nd F word.
ex: Those shoes are fierce!
ex: yuck, this burger's fierce.
ex: did you see that?, fierce!
ex: (inconversation) "whats wrong?"
"I forgot my wallet at home". "aww,,,fierce dude"
by Deeznuts December 10, 2004
Short wheel base

Usually used for 4 wheel drives (4wd)
"Hey have you seen my car it's a SWB"
"What kind?"
"Nissan patrol"
by DeeZnuts August 09, 2015

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