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Rough and extremely gratifying sex had after an argument.
That bitch was yelling at me all day, but she was screaming my name during makeup sex.
by DeezNutz April 09, 2003
San Francisco Area Code
I'm from Frisco 415 nukka!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
To produce energy in another person by forcefully inserting your penis into an available opening on someone's body.
If you don't get out of bed now I'ma go over there and fuckstart your skull!
by DeezNutz April 09, 2003
Short term for Northern California, norcal is another term used mainly by nocalers A place with a massive inferiority complex to their neighbors to the south (socal). A socaler's first trip to nocal is always a shock due to the fact that they usually find out about this massive inferiority complex. Comments about the smog and that socalers steal their water will always come us.

This comes to a surprise to most socalers because growing up in places like: LA, OC, San Diego, Long Beach, and even the the meth-infested Riverside, socalers do not care about nocalers. Nocal never cross the mind of socalers unless they visit there or they meet a travelling nocaler. For some reason nocalers are obsessed with hating socal even though they love to visit Disneyland. It can be compared to the New Englanders hating New Yorkers.

The capital of nocal is San Francisco. Referred as "the city" by nocalers even though it is only 7 mi X 7 mi large (a fraction of the size of the San Fernando Valley section of LA). All the cool things in nocal are relegated to "the city" because nocalers love to live bland lives. Inland nocal is Sacramento and places like Redding, Modesto, and Lodi, all full of white trash and rednecks. The Bay Area sans SF is chalk full of lilly-white liberals who speak of equal rights but are too afraid to go to black or Latino neighborhoods. This is another underlying reason for their hate for socal. All the Bay Area suburbs are geographically segregated and suburbs like Walnut Creek, Napa, and Pleasanton stay lilly white while Los Angeles area suburbs are all intermingled. Bay Area residents do not like to mention this and like to keep up their liberal facade.
There's a reason they call them NOcal and SOcal.
by deeznutz October 31, 2004
Nissan chassis code for a U.S 89-94 240SX, Jpn 89-94 Siliva, Jpn 89-98 180SX, Aus 200SX
I gotta quarter tank of gas in the S13, Gimme a dolla!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
The Japanese term for wrong hole.
I fucked this girl and she kept screaming,"Bungchow!". I thought she was enjoying it but it turns out I fucked her in the ass.
by DeezNutz December 29, 2003
A queer who licks Josh’s pussy, and loves the cock also. When ever he gets a chance to finger himself he takes it even in school. He says he has girlfriends but he means boyfriends.
Josh is almost as gay as BoB!
by DeezNutz May 03, 2004

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