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An ugly girl, usually, with a penis. She is usually ogre looking and will remind you of Shrek. She is extremely obese. A Sydney has no ass and really gross looking hair/eyes.
Wears too much makeup.
She is very desperate and cannot get 'hot' men or should i say women because usually a Sydney is a lesbian 'hidding in the closet' texting 24/7 with her extremely large hunch back. (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
She also has a TON of acne on her face and back but says they are just 'scars' but are really DISGUSTING acne, pimples, and zits.
She has saggy boobs usually and blood pimples the size of watermelons on her breasts.
Girl #1: "Look at Sydney over there in the closet, what is she trying to do?"

Boy: "Idk, she's probebly trying to pop those disgusting zits!"

Girl #2: "Eww!! Thats gross! Sydney is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Dee && Lynn July 10, 2008
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