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Commonly used in Northern Ireland for when something bad happens to a person, can be used in a joking manner or serious all depending on how you empasise the words. For extreme cases of misfortune a swear word should be added to the end.
"ha gee u dropped your phone"

"Oh no I dropped my phone in piss" reply:"ha gee"

"Ha gee dickhead I robbed your granny"
by Decman November 13, 2007
This term can be used when someone has taken too much alcohol or drugs and has gone very pale and is usually sick or passed out whitey and really needs to go home. Usually it is taking the piss out of the whitey victim.
John sees Mike whiteying in the corner.
John shouts to anyone nearby, "Ha ha taxi fer white". Mike groans and throws up.
by Decman November 13, 2007
Despite minor problems, England is still the coolest place in the world.
Yes we are disliked by some nations (like the Irish and what seems to be the Americans after reading other posts) but we still rock. We invented half of the sports the average person plays, eg. football (or soccer if you must), cricket, golf, ruby and boxing,we are arguably one of Europe's centres of culture, had the biggest empire known to man plus about 1000 other things.
A word to some of the Anglophobes around here, namingly the Americans...
1) You think our accents are strange? Try yours
2) If you hate all of us so much then why speak our language? Why do you use our measurement system? Huh?
3) So what if we drink tea and eat crumpets? So what if we have bad weather? So what if we have a royal family? Nice to have a bit of culture unlike you lot.

Pax Brittania
American: So you're from England huh?
Englishman: Yes...you are?
American: We have tons more nukes than you guys do...
Englishman: I don't doubt that.
American: You're confusing me.
Englishman: I am not surprised.
American: What?!
Englishman: Nevermind.
American: You have funny accents.

Irishman: You bastards! You took our land! You bastards! Gimme my land back.
Englishman: That was 80 years ago. You have your own country now. Doesn't that feel good after 750years? Be happy.
Irishman: An English soldier killed my great grandfather who I never fooking met! I hate England for fooking ever.
Englishman: I'll be going now.
Irishman: Fooking English bastard...We won the war in 1916!
Englishman: If you are referring to your 'war' in Easter 1916 which was merely a crushed rebellion, no,I'm afraid you didn't.
by Decman February 26, 2006

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