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1. to get verbally assaulted as punishment or reprimand for one's foolishness or errors.

2. to have the outer rim of a bodily orifice, for example an anus, mangled or bludgeoned beyond repair, thus expanding and/or loosening said orifice and rendering it useless.
1. Debbie: "Why the long face?"
Mark: "I got reamed out by my boss today for storing feces in my desk."

2. Steve "What's with all the feces in your desk?"
Mark: "I got my asshole reamed out. I can no longer maintain my bowels."
by Decguy1 December 09, 2011
(noun) Any gathering of two or more women who begin to talk loudly and nonsensically over one another about useless things, much the same as a group of chickens clucks wildly and noisily, without exchanging any actual knowledge or really accomplishing anything at all.
Mark: "Hey, you hearin' this noise in the next room? What the fuck are all those broads yelling about?"

Steve: "Engagement rings or some shit. Total fuckin' cluckfest in there."
by Decguy1 December 28, 2011
A robot whose main purpose is performing blowjobs.
He turned on the blowbot, and it proceeded to suck his dick.
by decguy1 March 05, 2012

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