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According to Imus, these are the woman who play for the woman's basketball team at Rutgers.
It looks like the nappy headed ho's have tattoos all over their bodies.
by Deborah Liberatore April 09, 2007
when your food supply has been poisoned by some unknown toxic plastic chemical from a third world country. Experts agree that we should not worry and keep eating because it is healthy for the stock market.
Dude, after eating that taco, I swear that I have been melamined.
by Deborah Liberatore May 09, 2007

A plantation unique to the 21st century in which all media is controlled by two huge media corporations
The next goal of the media plantation is to get total contol over the internet.
by Deborah Liberatore January 16, 2007
What you get when you fall asleep topless in the sun.
Tiffany, upon wakening, realized that she had a really bad case of burnt areola mammae.
by Deborah Liberatore September 25, 2007
when a woman loses all control.
Nicole was going sister on him when she found out he was stepping out on her.
by Deborah Liberatore August 16, 2007
Where something you would expect to be great in quality,measure or degree turns out to be pretty lame and does not reach your expectations. The emphasis is on the first syllable NOT.
Brian was bragging about this new chick he was seeing and after checking her out she was notsomuch.
by Deborah Liberatore December 29, 2006
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