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noun (plural: breaths)
a tobacco cigarette, bummed from a buddy or some random dude, either of corporate manufacture, or hand rolled for the masses: the tight wallets, heavy smokers, or those aiming for the hipster appearance, while actually having neither affliction. Or: a drag, puff or toke therein.
The scene outside a bar in D.C., band members light celebratory cigarettes after playing to a sell out crowd:

Brit 1 lights a cigarette.

Brit 2: can a get breath?

Brit 1: sorry man, he only had two left, but wouldn't give his last one away.

Brit 2: bummer.

a beat.

Brit 2: can i get a drag then?

Brit 1: yea Billy, go head.
by DebasicInstincts March 28, 2012
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