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A term used by 12 year old girls to describe their disturbing obsession with a shitty pop-band known as the Jonas Brothers.

It is an incredibly offensive term to me, as an OCD sufferer. For years I've been horrified to eat in public, for fear of poisoned food. I can't go near bodily fluids without gagging. I'm scared shitless to go near knives, for fear of killing a loved one, or hurting myself. I can't go near roads without worrying about getting run over. If I hear a loud noise or people screaming I worrying if someone is getting murdered. When people talk I am in a constant state of worry that they are discussing me. I have a hyperscrupulous conscience. My mind is filled with the most fucking disturbing abominations in existence. I can't even post the stuff that runs through my head, spontaneously generated. It's that bad. It's destroyed my life and crippled me. The compulsions are also hell. I look like a fucking freak. I have to snap my head, make bizarre animal sounds, move in repetitive patterns, count, count, and count, it fucking sucks. There is even more I have to deal with OCD-wise besides what I posted. Thank God, though, I have my friends, who care about me and help me. Thank God.
Stupid 12 Year Old Girl: OMJ I LuV dA JONAS bROthERs tEH aRe sO SexXy I haVE OJD!!!

Me: Shut up. You haven't been permanently disturbed and crippled because of the HORRIFIC psychological condition of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER. Fuck the Jonas Brothers anyway, listen to some actual music like Necrophagist or Virgin Black. They have more talent in the tips of their pinkies then every Jonas brother combined.

Stupid 12 Year Old Girl: *random sputtering/screaming/maybe crying*

Me: O_o *walks away, snapping head, blinking eyes, and making cat sounds and counting telephone poles to protect my friends from almost certain death*
by DeathMetalandOCD June 01, 2009

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