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the slit in front of the boxers/underwear used to "whip it out" and fap without having to remove the piece of clothing
Matt got caught with his penis out of the fap-hole while watching Naruto porn
by DeathByASpoon February 06, 2010
a relationship between couples who get together, then split up, then get back together multiple times in a short time-frame
Jason: "Are Sally and Jack together again?"

Susan: "Yea, they are. This is the fourth time they got back together this week."

Jason: " Man. they must have a bi-polar relationship."
by DeathByASpoon June 06, 2010
1.To prevent two women from having intercourse with each other
2. The lesbian version of a "cock block"
Kelly and Sandra were about to have sex with each other, but Sandra's little brother finger blocked them when he woke up

Amy: "Yesterday, Crystal and I were getting intimate at the party, when Jamie, her ex-girlfriend, spilled her drink on me."

Lexi: "That's terrible. How rude of her to finger block you two."
by DeathByASpoon June 06, 2010
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