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Linking two commonly used chatroom abbreviations, namely omg and wtf, and appending bbq. Can be used to imitate and ridicule people who furtively use the afore-mentioned abbreviations.
Ditzy 11 year old clown - "w0t? Omg wtf rofl wtf man omg lololz"
Partycrashing Smartass - "Omgwtfbbq I r teh l33t dipshittings."
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
It refers to being penniless, out of cash, completely fucking spent, skint
"Hey dude, you coming to the club for a drink saturday?"
"Nah man, I'm broke"
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
An alternative way to type gay. It has, after all, the same pronounciation. Commonly found wherever "l33tsp33kers" are found as an attempt to replace gay with something else.

Note that this word was used in "Retarded Animal Babies #10" on www.newgrounds.com
*puppy from R.A.B.*
"Uhh. Gay. Ughh...gay....ghey..."
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
This term refers to the sharp pinching of someone's nipple and twisting violently. This can cause an insane amount of pain especially to girls and guys with pierced nips ;) also referred to as a Nip-Twister
"You retarded homo-curious asscrack, don't you dare give me a purple-nurple"
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
The horrible spawn of lonely 75-year old hairy fat men in order to virtually de-virginise lonely 13-year old nerds over the internet. Describing oneself as a sexy 19-year old pornstar goes a long way.
"Damn man the cyber sex i'm getting lately is great"
"You sure it's not one of those 75 year old guys right?"
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
Used to describe the proportions of your rage.
"I can't open my bag of chips and now I burn with spine-shitting rage"
by Death By Zobb December 13, 2004
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