5 definitions by Deadseraph

1. the most awesome fucking creature that ever lived.
1. CHEWBACCA is grrrrrrrrrrrreater than tony the tiger.
by Deadseraph April 26, 2007
1. a game created for sole use at parties in which you hate everyone there and would like a good excuse to throw darts at them.
1. "Where are you going?"
"Off to Gary's house, gonna play some lawn darts and hope he gets hit.
by Deadseraph April 28, 2007
A creature vaguely resembling an elephant. Though it is capable of high level thought, including calculus, it will only be appeased by approximately half a bottle of red liquid, otherwise it will be non-cooperative.
Random person 1: Why don't we just ask the eleplant about it?
Random person 2: It's pissed off right now...
Random person 1: Well, if we just give it half a bottle of red liquid maybe we will appease it.
Random person 2: WATCH OUT, CHALK!
by Deadseraph October 12, 2009
1. the pants on a llama
2. a person who would be best off in the pants of a llama
that person is a llamapants, he annoys everyone and is constantly being told to go away...
by Deadseraph April 26, 2007
1. (n) An act or action which either ends in or contains extreme levels of failure, far beyond most normal failures.
2. (adj) used to describe or portray an act which meets the above criteria.
1. Yesterday, Mike tried to jump off his roof to look cool, but pulled a phailbukkit and just ended up crushing James.

2. Tyler, if you don't watch out this is just going to turn into a giant phailbukkit disaster.
by Deadseraph May 03, 2009

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