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Probably the most unpopular and irritating users on Habbo Hotel who for some weird reason dress and act like small children.

They are commonly found in adoption centers (duh) but sometimes will appear randomly in various locations such as streets, hospitals and free houses claiming to have lost their mothers.

Some also appear on doorsteps claiming to be a newborn in a box wrapped in a blanket as a ploy to make you feel sorry for them.

Caution should be taken as some are scammers and will ask for rights to your houses or for furni and other luxuries.
A typical Habbo Baby will appear as follows;


Chubby cheeks
large eyes
Hoody (usually blue)

Shorts (also usually blue)
Bunny slippers
Button noses (usually red from what I saw)

Hoody (usually pink or other neutral colour purple or green)
Pants (or in some cases skirts or shorts)
Pigtails (some are bald)
Bow ties
Large eyes
Bunny Slippers
Button noses (usually pink)

Their most discintive feature is their mannerisms they will almost always add a 'w' into every word, apparently to immitate to the speech of a child or to appear cute.

Example: "Hwi will ywou adwopt mwe?"

In an adoption center they will commonly seek "parents" who have VIP or some wealth such as furni or credits.

If you are none HC member they will probably reject you.

"Mwe want VIP mwommy awnd dwaddy".

Habbo babies often cause annoyance to other habbo members, however they can be a great source of entertainment.

I sometimes like to go into an adoption center and be mean to them or pretend to be nice in the adoption center and take them home and then torture them by locking them in rooms or ignoring their cries.

Me: Hello
Baby: Hwi
Me: Are you a newborn?
Baby: Wes
Me: You are one ugly baby.

You will see "mothers" bringing their adopted "children" to free houses (as their own rooms are too small)

Me: Hello miss
Woman: Hi
Me: Some mighty ugly children you've got there
Woman: Stop being so mean
by DeadZone2013 January 20, 2013

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