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A free first person shooter created by the government funded by our taxes. Its sole purpose is to brainwash the current generation of kids into joining the US army and believing that everything it does is morally justified.
Averagekid - "Oh look a free game on the internet! It's called.... AA3.... America's Army 3????"

(2 months later)

Averagekid - "I spent so much time playing that my grades have plummeted, and I am now a failure. Time to join the army!"
by deadaym October 22, 2011
Because the 1st definition is completely false, I am forced to bring in the facts for this relatively simple concept.

Cash for clunkers was a program that allowed consumers to trade in their old "clunkers" for a 7500 dollar or more rebate for a newer, more fuel-efficient car. The car had to be MORE than 25 years old, had to have a mpg of LESS than 18 and the trade in had to be more fuel efficient. Because of Cash for clunkers, GM was saved. As a result of continuing profits, GM was able to pay back the government with interest way ahead of schedule.

This is one of the smartest decisions the government has made in recent history.
"With Cash For Clunkers, I was able to trade in my old pickup truck for a brand new toyota camry! Because of this, I can spend less money on gas and actually put food on the table"

- actual person
by DeadAym October 16, 2011

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