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Fall out boy: A band of a genre undefined, certainly not Emo, CERTAINLY! not Punk, and CERTAINLY (well possibley pop) not pop. Their instrument playing is not bad, talent is infact involved. Many people find that their popularity in the teen girl crowd is annoying, I must agree to that. As a creative whole, the band does not deserve to ever be called "amazing," "Fucking awesome!," or anything along those lines. Why? Simply put, they sound (and do not deny it, if you do, your deaf and blind, and probably unfortunatley a fan.) just like every other modern day pop/"punk"/emo/w/e band out there on the market. They do not suck totally as musicians, they are just nothing special, bottom line. So everyone that says their great, or wonderful, or the best band of all time are ultimatley making foolish commnets about things they definetly do not fully, or do not at all, udnerstand. From now on, listen to fall out boy for what they really are, or what they really are to you, but dont ever think for a moment they are the best or better than another band, for "the worlds greatest band," cannot be defined nor does it exist.
Hey, Dude, Fall out boy is THE BEST BAND to ever grace our young ears!

Incorrect, they are talented musicicans indeed, but do not deserve this title, because they literally whine lyrically, and sonically sound no different than any othr band in their tight knit poser retro wannabe genre. The end.
by Dead accurate August 26, 2006

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