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a female who usually has pale skin. sometimes has black or red dyed hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black clothes, spiked hair such as Liberty spikes, body piercings such as flesh tunnels, and chains worn as jewelry. Styles are often borrowed from the Elizabethans and Victorians.

She is usally intrested in things of a dark a morbid and mysterious nature such as: gothic art, gothic music, cemeteries, the subject of death, creatures of the night (bats, owls etc.), vampires, and gothic architecture.

often times due to her appearance and intrests she is wrongly steriotyped as being evil, a witch, and/or satanist
"Wednesday Addams (of the Addams family) is a goth girl"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
Nickname, stage name or online screen name people use. Sometimes short for Dazzle or Dazzled.

Also the name of an old disco band back in the 70's
"hey Dazz whats up?"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
a Zoom lens is a lens on a camera (still and video both) to get a closer shot of the subject. There are lenses that have both optical zoom and digital zoom capabilities (optical zoom being the better of the two)
"I have a Kodak camera with a 10x optical zoom lens"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
Another word for Gossiping.. Telling others things that are not their business. Disclosing confidential (secret) information. Also the actions of being an informant for the law.
1. He is leakin to his girlfriend about the hold up
2. Dude is leakin to the S.E.D.
by DazzDeLaMorte March 09, 2007
a cup used to hold any beverage that one may take with them while they are out and about/while they are on the go
"Mom gave her child a go-cup in case her child got thirsty in the car"

"We all had our go-cups when we went hiking the new trail"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 14, 2007
A beau (boyfriend/male love intrest) who sleeps around refered to as a ho
"shes been seen at the movies with her hobeau"
by DazzDeLaMorte March 14, 2007
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