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Like Pedobear, only smexier.
Weavile is watching you masturbating in your room.
And still is. Closely.
by Davvrix May 09, 2010
Teh sex.
Oh wow. That Weavile is teh sex!
by Davvrix May 08, 2010
What you get when you mix Awesomesauce and Epicsauce. Thought to be delicious, but very hard to obtain.
Random Person 1: OMG! I found some awesomesauce!
Random Person 2: And I've got some epicsauce!
Random Person 1: Let's mix it!
Random Person 2: BRILLIANT!! *Mixes them together*
Random Person 1: Epomesauce!! *Drinks it* *Dies*
by Davvrix May 08, 2010
An Australian liquid comprosed of mysterious substances. Contact with it proves fatal to all excessively ugly individuals.

Person 2: *Sprays hideous repellent*

Person 1: Oh thank goodness! We're saved!
by Davvrix May 04, 2010

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