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Time And Relative Dimentions In Space.
A time/space machine concieved by the Time Lords. It has infinate rooms inside, including several console rooms, from which the ship can be piloted. Doctor Who stole a mark 40 TARDIS and used it to solve intergalactic wrong-doings.
The TARDIS dematerialised infront of their eyes.
by Davros June 04, 2004
The game where everyone quits, but no-one leaves.

Everquest for stupid-people/childeren/agressive teens/poor-people.

A particularly strong form of internet crack.
"I dropped out of school to play xenimus full time"

"I lost my social life, and gained an online social life on xenimus"

"I played xenimus for 3 days without any breaks, exept toilet ones"
by Davros February 27, 2004
A cardboard case containing 24 stubbie bottles of beer
Grab a carton of VB and let's watch the Pies cream the Crows
by Davros November 24, 2003

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