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A supermarket.
Lidl, when you're too pikey even for Iceland.
by David Watts August 02, 2003
Bigger than a crew, this is the collective noun for a large gang, which usually has a large amount of 'turf' to cover.
Da East Sutton Massiv is da best.
by David Watts January 02, 2004
The lowest of the lowest pikey shops, ranging from Iceland, to Lidl, to the 99p shop, to Farmfoods. Radiates pikeyness to all local council estates.
Farmfoods? Shit man only pikeys shop there!
by David Watts November 29, 2003
Australian for piss
He who drinks Australian, thinks Australian
by David Watts August 01, 2003
Something I like to do in my spare time.
Well, if you get bored of life, there's always death.
by David Watts August 02, 2003
When you're too pikey even for Lidl.

See also: Farmfoods.
Yeah I got this brilliant turd-in-a-bun for only 99p!
by David Watts November 29, 2003
Fuckin' Hard Man
Don't mess with me mate, I'm FHM Vinnie me, I'll grab your nuts like I did to Gazza
by David Watts November 16, 2003
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