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When there is a slight wiff of dog blanket about you.

Pikeyness - Getting dressed - and then having a wash.
Pikeyness - Sniffing your socks - then deciding to give 'em another bash.
Pikeyness - When your complexion resembles someone who has just finished their bag of chips - and wiped their face with the paper.
Pikeyness - When one or more Pot Noodles is part of your weekly diet.
Pikeyness - When the grease from your hair starts to eminate through your baseball cap - and of course having "hat-hair".
Pikeyness - Shopping at Lidl - 'cos your just a bit too pikey to shop at Aldi.
Pikeyness - "sounds like mick - but it's not mick - know what I mean?"
by Pikeyshaun January 15, 2008
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