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A milf, particularly one known to have especially rampant pubic hair. Combines Milf and Mufasa, the lion from "The Lion King."
Duuuude, I fucked Tracy, but she was a Milfasa!
by David R Pennett April 23, 2010
Clothes or accessories worn (usually by ghetto people) that endorse brands, items of media or characters that are too childish or geeky for such people to wear. Examples include Toy Story backpacks, Dora the Explorer shirts, and the like.
Dude, look at Shequeeshaneesha. She has so many sarcasticlothes, I bet she does her clothes shopping at a goddamned Toys R' Us.
by David R Pennett May 22, 2010
An activity performed on facebook, in which the Striker "likes" every available post/event on the target's Facebook page, causing them to recieve a fuckton of notifications. Can often be used as a strategy to place highly in the target's "My Top Friends" checks. Although, ironically, if you perform a Like Strike well enough, the target may not be your friend anymore.
Dude, I totally gave Joshua a Like Strike last night, and now I'm his top fan! But he's pissed at me cause he got a shit-ton of emails from it.
by David R Pennett April 21, 2010

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