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3 definitions by Daveycakes

adj. The state of being so astounded that one cannot type; writing equivalent of speechless
Dad, that story in your email message left me typeless!
by Daveycakes September 24, 2004
n. 1. An extra-sensory perception relating to a member of the Zaza family being present, either physically or spiritually.

2. The aura of a member of the Zaza family.

Commonly used as the subject of "to feel" (see example).
"I don't know what could be taking so long for them to get us a table--they must not be feeling the zazaura!"
by Daveycakes August 08, 2004
n. The sensation of absorbing another person's body-heat when sitting in a seat they have just vacated.
Wow--the thermo-glutteal transfer from that fat guy who was just sitting here is intense!
by Daveycakes September 21, 2005