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1 definition by DaveyScabies

A fast, New York hardcore street punk band. They have a little more musical talent than William Hung. You can usually tell when you're listening to them when you hear trite power chords, a thoughtless beat-boom tap boom-boom tap, just different lyrics that you can't make out.
They have one good song, "Made in N.Y.C." about the Ramones; which is acceptable. You will never see them with short cutted-hair because their hair, whether the punx will admit it or not, is part of their show; like a circus only with worst music. Their lyrics are usually very unoriginal when you can actually tell what Jorge is saying. They often whine about how tough they're life is when they chose to live it. They put the Sham 69 to shame when they changed the song "If the Kids are United" to "Punx Unite" (didn't even spell it right).
You can usually tell a Casualties follower when you see a punk rocker dressed up like it's halloween. They'll also alienate other punks who don't get all dressed up for the punx rawk shows and they think they are better than anyone else; quite possibly hypocrites in the way they talk about hating being judged by how they dress-up but will not talk to you if you don't look like a clown.
-The only reason to continually deny something is cause you know it bothers you.
Examples of their keen fashion sense:
"You Always Put Us Down
Because we spike our hair
Bondage trousers and dyed hair
I'll never change my ways" - For the Punx

"Steel toe boots
Spiky Hair
We Dont Care
Punx & Skins" -Punx and Skins
by DaveyScabies January 08, 2005